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Mediator, Tantric-meditative bodywork, Joy
There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way!

August 2021

Throat: creativity, being That
Горло: творчество, Быть Этим.

The strong mood swings in the throat period in August sometimes shake us to our foundations. If we succeed in accompanying the emotional roller coaster ride with mindfulness for the pulse, lovingly and compassionately, instead of suppressing judgments, primal fears can be discharged in our personality. Our compassion is nourishing, judgments and fears not!

Doubt is the big issue in the throat, the feeling of worthlessness, of needing someone to show us the way, to take us by the hand. All “yes, but ...” prevent spontaneous action, creativity. The throat energy cycle stands for personality development, primarily through the sound of our voice we express what determines our personality. And we react to other people depending on the resonance their voice triggers within us. Finding someone sympathetic or unpleasant, depends on what is touched in us by the sound, what relationship we have with that part of our personality, which memory "resonates". In the development of personality only later, facial expression also plays a role, what should be read from our face, how we want to appear.

The throat is the voice of our father within us: what he says works. Father stands for our individualization process, the need and desire for inequality, for 'being like that'. If we cannot find our personal strength, we accuse the father, and yet we ask for approval from him or other authorities. He is associated with the source, originality. Connected to the 5th chakra, it is the antenna for our creativity, the sensation of what is authentic or hypocritical, gold or just an imitation. Reality, creation arises when voice and inner sound match. When we can feel the pulse in our face, let go of copies, of what is “made”.

Your belief determines your experience. You will find out what you believe. Very few people really believe what they want to believe in. To them, believing means hoping, guessing, wishing, and this makes them weak. To believe is to be convinced, without any doubt, to be absolutely certain that it is so. Most of the time, however, we only have our weaknesses in consciousness. This is then our true belief and this is where we have to start if we want to change our lives.

There is actually only one enemy that prevents you from being successful and happy: your doubts about your own greatness and beauty, your abilities and talents, about the perfection of creation. “Positive thinking” is not enough, it only serves as a substitute for those who fail to put into practice what they know. Being positive is a basic feeling, not a thought. Everything you currently perceive in your life, what you experience, corresponds with the highest precision to exactly what you really believe. Our power potential lies primarily in our feelings.

To close your eyes for a moment, to pause and to feel, to listen to the life in you without reservation. To feel the strength and the friendliness of the pulse, of the life in you. Let your specific life melody sound in whatever you do. Right now!


Jule 2021
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