Tibetan Pulsing Intensive

Foundation Course

Intiation into the Tibetan Pulsing Bodywork

Initiation into the Mysteries of the Human Subconscious

Initiation into the 24 organs and 96 spaces of Consciousness

Tibetan Iridology

PART 2 ( In two times 12 days)

Module 1  – 21.09.2011 -   03.10.2011

Module 2  – 01.05.2012 -   13.05.2012


Our planet and all humanity are heading for the most powerfully uplifting spiritual transformation in its history and, inspite of all the challenges we are presently undergoing, is a very exciting time to be alive…………Many hearts are feeling the need to open up to a different, new way of being and to clear whatever is blocking progress to wholeness.

TIBETAN PULSING  is a tantric bodywork and meditation technique, addressing the changes taking place in our body during this time of transformation.  The bioelectrical energy of the body is used to dissolve blockages on a physical, emotional and mental level.

The Tibetan Pulsing Intensive is a group process which helps to purify our nervous system, transform negative energies, aligning chakras, different energy bodies and changing the DNA.  We regain lost and buried parts of ourselves, allowing our body to become free flowing and ecstatic.   A major shift is experienced inside our consciousness while light is resounding in all the cells.

In order to understand the human psychology of the subconscious and all the corresponding circuits in the body, the Intensive is offering the following tools.


Initiation into the Pulse,  purifying,  regenerating and transforming.  Learning how to convert electrical energy into light.  Relaxing into the inner home.


Gently dissolving pain and blocked or repressed emotions so that the heart can heal and trust again.  Feeling loved and nourished by existence.


Our reality is created by our subconscious.  In recognising our beliefs and identifications, we can let go of our fears and create a new way of being.


The Intensive consists of two sections of 24 days.


From I to Me

From Mind to Heart

Our masculine side

We learn to know the 24 aspects of our male side, our mental identifications and patterns which compose our personality.  We melt our attitudes and prejudices, the results of past painful experiences, into the Here and Now.


From Me to This

From the Heart to the Divine

Our feminine side

We explore the 24 aspects of our feminine side, the unconscious process of our emotions which create our moods.  A deep purification of the heart becomes possible and we start to live  the present moment.



We work with sacred symbols, colours, light and sound frequencies, tuning 24 organs, opening the subconscious and revealing the 96 spaces of  the human subconscious.


The stream is unifying all participants in one flow of energy which is flooding the nervous system with positive energy.


The body is the Temple of the Spirit.  Learning to apply the points of 24 circuits  and exchanging with a partner.  A silent and profound transmission of the pulse, deeply penetrating and relaxing.


Learning how to use the diagnostic tool of Tibetan Pulsing Iridology.  This is helping us to understand our conditioning and programming.  With the help of the participants eyes, we recognise to what extent we are influenced by events in our childhood and to see our talents, strengths and weaknesses.

THEATRE (part 2 feminine only)

We bring our shadow into the light in a playful way.  Introducing the tarot.

TIBETAN PULSING INTENSIVE is a foundation course for working on yourself and giving sessions to others.



The Intensive will be held at the holiday hotel “Solnachnaya Dolina” at the western coast of the Crimean peninsula of Ukraine directly on the bank of the Black Sea. You’ll find there soft sea climate, southern sun, magnificent sandy beach and famous crystal clear water. The hotel facilities numerous,

see please: http://www.sundolina.org.ua/Presentation English.html


Early payment discount Euros 680 for payments received before end of July 2011.  Euros 750 thereafter.


Between 13.5 -  19.5 Euros/day, rooms from 2-4 people, cottages or building


Flight to Kiev and by train to Simferopol or direct flight to Simferopol.         From there is a bus to Chernomorsk town and another one to Olenevka               village.


E-mail: sujay@gmx.net