Wellcome to Tibetian Pulsing World with Amrit Sujay

Tibetan Pulsing,

Tantra of the Heart,

Freedom in the Pulsation of the Heart

True healing can happen in experiencing the NOW and HERE, in tasting our true SELF, the silence within, the joyful dance of vibrating life-energy in  each of our cells.

True healing can only be found within ourselves by directly experiencing who we are beyond all mental concepts, self-images and identifications. A conditioned mind keeps us looking for happiness in outside circumstances of our life.

Happiness can neither be found there, nor can it be found then.

Tibetan Pulsing are meditation-techniques rooted in the tantric tradition of monasteries in Tibet and China and translated into forms of body-work by Swami Shantam Dheeraj.

In the tibetan understanding body, mind and soul are an unit created by energy-circuits within the nervous system. Each circuit contains a physical organ and specific emotions and ideas, connected with the activity of this organ (f. ex. is the feeling of insecurity connected with the throat-circuit, unclarity in the mind with the kidneys-circuit).

Strong experiences in our life, especially of our young age, are imprinted in these circuits. Thus life-energy doesn’t flow freely anymore, it is held in a charge. We experience these imprinted memories as fearful mental programs trying to avoid negative experiences or reproduce positive ones. This is the base of what we call personality (or ego).

To break these identifications TP is using the loving and accepting power of the heart, of presence. If the body is consciously touched in certain ways, a energy-circuit can resolve into its natural balance, held fears, pain and suffering can release into the pleasure of experiencing innocence. By touching specific energy-points of the body and focussing the consciousness on the pulse-beat of the heart, we create a gentle opening for what is true right now.

Most of the people experience in sessions first a deep relaxation of the whole energy-system. Sometimes painful past experiences are remembered. This release of the physical and mental memory-system helps to disidentify with emotions connected with and integrate personal history as a simple fact, the emotional attachment releases. And the joy of simple being NOW and HERE appears. There are possibilities to experience gaps in our compulsive thinking-processes and ignite an inner fire to burn judgements, opinions, condemnations etc. of the mind and taste the peaceful space of pure consciousness. It seems that something within us still remembers how it had been before coming into this world, to be in harmony with ourselves and existence. Which is our original state: to be THAT.

This body-work is not dry at all. Tibetans like to have joy and such is this work: loving, energetic, strong, pleasurable… and transforming.

Come, have a taste… and understand.

A little bit about me.  “Amrit Sujay” is a Sanskrit-name and means “eternal victory”, another expression for what I share with this work. Since ever concerned with the question, what is this “me” and this life about, I started up with law and psychology. Not really satisfied, I went over and over again to India studying various meditation-techniques. And in 1989 I came across TP, fascinated from the beginning by its power, tenderness and charm and its charismatic re-founder amd teacher Swami Shantam Dheeraj. Since 1994 I share this work in offering workshops around the world.

It is sharing presence, heart, healing… silence.