Energetical circuit of SPINAL BASE


14-16of OCTOBER 2011г.

You may be surprised, but in our base of the spine, our rectum there is our sense for trust, trusting people and first of all trusting ourselves.

Negative it has to do with the fear of being judged, condemned: this part of our life and personality, we do not like everyone to see. It is our most personal, most private space which we only share with people we can trust and be vulnerable with. In childhood we mostly loose this space when forced into potty-training. A tensed rectum and its nerves causes either the consciousness of an outsider, full of critics about people, or it causes a strong conformity with society, a dependency towards the outside.

Our rectum regulates the elimination of what cannot be assimilated, psychically it is the fear of being eliminated, the paranoia of somebody put me out, a strong concern what people are thinking about you, the fear of failure, that there is not enough privacy.

We can overcome those experiences of disappointment by just dropping our attachments to what we want and the relaxation occurs to the entire spine. It is the way to our true needs, to our roots.

In this group we dissolve the tensions around the base of the spine allowing our true genius and buddha-nature to come forth. Just take it easy.