Amrit Sujay

Amrit Sujay (M. Zeibig)

The name ‘Amrit Sujay’ means in Sanskrit ‘Divine Nectar of Eternal Victory’

I was working a long time of his life as a (family-)lawyer amd mediator (conflict-manager) in Germany and tried to help people in this way, to understand, themselves and the world. But an essential part of me stayed deeply unsatisfied; so much remained fragmentary.

After a religious growing-up, I turned to psychotherapy, gained a lot of knowledge in psychology (diverse methods of „humanistic psychology“, analytic group-dynamics, NLP) and body-work (breath-work), but couldn’t get authentic answers to my existencial questions.

On a travel to India 1986 I came in first time really in touch with meditation, was deeply touched by Osho and the people around him. States of silence and a overflowing heart were my ignition.

There I came also across Tibetan Pulsing. A charismatic texan guy was teaching this meditative bodywork. I was immediately faszinated by him and his life-work, very simple techniques, rooted in the tantric tibetan buddhism, his passionate pladoyer for the power of a free spirit, love for what is and the challenge, simply to see personality with tenderness, joy and silence, strengh and sensibility, peace inside and outside. My inner fire started to burn.

Nobody can heal somebody else, but since 17 years I’m on the way to explore the Self and  share in groups, trainings and individual work  my ongoing healing-process, often still exited like a little boy to share what can be found in each of us. This love, this tenderness of the heart which is set free in the process can be shared, can heal… each of us. We are this!

Meditation is

the eye, which can see the truth,

the heart, which can feel the truth

and the silence, which can realize the truth.

Meditation speaks,

it speaks through silence.

Silence is speaking expression of the unexpressable.

Meditation is

the thurst of human for the infinite-effective,

the eternal-effective,

the absolut-effective.